Saturday, October 28, 2017

Florence Kosky In Feathers

Florence Kosky seems to have had the ideal childhood.

Growing up in Dorset England might just be the dream come true for most kids.

I can't complain, I grew up in Miami.

But just look at this picture, Miami doesn't have anything that looks like that.

Also Dorset is filled with farm land and forests. It's got these stunning old castles, and is all rural, no big noisy cities.

Right, now let us get back to Florence and this magical feather dress she is wearing.

This is from a photo shoot she did last year for Harper’s Bazaar UK.

What is great about this shoot is that it’s totally in vibe with Florence.

She grew up around farms and wood lands, and that's the theme.

The thing I loved about her story was how she got into modeling.

Some guy followed her around at a festival until she agreed to come to the modeling studio.

I bet she just thought he wanted a date.

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