Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Emilio Pucci - Fall Feather Fashion 2016

Don Emilio Pucci, Marchese Di Barsento, is hands down the most interesting designer that I have come across.

Or maybe just the designer with the most interesting life story that I have come across.

This Italian designer was a serious sports man. In world War 2 he was a bomber pilot and had some crazy story where he was even captured and tortured by the Germans.

He had some kind of history with stretch materials when he started in the fashion business.

Any way check out these great designs from his companies fall 2016 collection.

Even though they are feather print and not real feathers they are just so cool that I had to share them with you.

Elie Saab - Feather Fashion Fall 2016

Elie Saab is a designer who more or less taught himself.

Born in Beirut to Maronite Catholic parents he started his career by dressing his sister up. He eventually went to study fashion in Paris and at the young age of 18 opened a company employin 15 people making wedding gowns.

His 2016 fall line was inspired by the flash and glamor of New York in the 1960's.

Here are three of his stunning fall 2016 dresses that are feather adorned.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Feather Home Decor

Well the summer is coming to an end. Sad but true and we just can't run from the truth. So the nights are now getting longer and soon it will start to get cold out side.

So in preparation for the coming months of being indoors here are some nice feather decorations to make you love being indoors just a bit more.

I got all of these ideas from countryliving. Com.
Here is the link if you want to see their whole post.

This first one is the one I liked best, maybe just because it's both simple and rustic which is kind of my vibe.

All it is are feathers attached to a rustic white washed board in a yard stick frame, how cool.
Next is this hanging feather wall art. The one in the picture has a native American vibe to it but you can use a different combination of feathers and string and get a totally different look.
A feather garland is also a great idea I never thought of.
You can make one any length you please and put it up on the wall, furniture or ceiling.

This last one we have covered in older posts but it is well deserving of another mention here.
The never ending possibilities of the feather bouquet.

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone. 
Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Feather Costumes From 2016 Olympic Opening Ceremony

This year's summer Olympic games are taking place in Rio. Rio in famous for its street carnival and scantily dressed dancers. This year's Olympic opening ceremony was said to show case these beautiful women.

Here are two pictures that I found that are for sure from the Olympics opening ceremony.

Check out these awesome costumes,  they remind me of the Victoria secret fashion show.

Now these next pictures I am not sure if they are from the Olympics opening ceremony or just from this year carnival but anyway they are just stunning to look at.