Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wishing You All A Happy New Year From

Here are just three great New Years feather pictures I wanted to share with everyone before the New Year.

The Happy New Years feather crown

New Years feather centerpiece

And as the clock strikes twelve – who are you going to kiss?

Have a amazing and happy NEW YEAR everybody

Monday, December 28, 2015

Mini Feather Dress – Maybe A Bit Too Short?

Cara Delevingne is one of the leading stars in the new movie Pan. She attended a world premiere of the movie one Sunday afternoon and gave the press a little more to talk about then she expected with her very little dress.

Cara showed up to the event wearing this stunning feather dress. But when she leaned over the railing to say hello to fans that had been waiting hours just to meet her she let one camera get a picture of well perhaps a bit more than her great legs.

Her short feather dress rode up her back side showing a bit of her derriere (as the British called it - as an American I would just call it an ass)

Well do you think this might have been on purpose? Who knows. 

Busting Out The Feather Fashion For That New Years Eve Party

If you find yourself to be one of those people that just can’t wear feathers on a regular day then New Years is your time to spread your wings and fly.

Wearing feathers are quite a bit of a fashion statement and might not go so well at the office (of course that depends where you work). But no matter what New Years Eve is a great time to wear feathers, no questions asked.

So now the big question is what feathers are you going to go for?

Now you could just go real simple and head out with a pair of these satin feather sandals by Jim Choo Teazer.

But if you are already going feathers why not at least go for these sequin dresses.

 But if you ask me there is no reason not to go full feather glamour with one of these extra beautiful feather decked dresses.

No matter what you choose just make sure to have a great new years.
Monday, December 14, 2015

Mystic Magic's White Christmas - Feather Angel Wings

Mystic Magic – I believe this is a British company that from what I understand is for the most part a mask making company.
Now they have both a very interesting blog and web site. But I was not able to get a clear picture exactly who is the main designer there.
Now is it Ashley Pearce? No I don’t believe so, but then why would the articles being shown on the website be talking about her?
Really I haven’t yet figured out what the deal is with this company but THEY ARE AWESOME.
They have some incredible works of art out there and from what I read whoever it is that is running thing over there is completely self taught. Now that makes him or her even more amazing.
Please if you are reading this and could shed some light on the situation please leave a comment below.
This angle that they created for this year’s holiday season is truly something out of this world.  
I have written some posts on how to make feather angle wings but this is the true work of an artist.

Absolutely spectacular, thank you. 
Thursday, December 10, 2015

Feather Up Your Christmas Decorations This Year

So before your guests even get through the door they will be met by a stunning feather wreath that you created to be in perfect flow with you color scheme.

Depending on how your house is laid out they will see either the dining room table or the Christmas tree.

Let’s save the best for last and start with the dining room table.

Because you love to overdo things there are three feather centerpieces on the table.

In the center is a feather tree and at each end is a few well chosen feathers in matching vases.

Of course once again in perfect harmony with the rest of the colors that you are using.

And for the grand finale the tree is covered in feather boas and decked out with a half a dozen glass globe ornaments filled with feathers.

Now are you motivated?

Take a look at our older post on how to get it done.