Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Feather Anklets

I actually cant believe that I have never written a post about these already!

Or maybe I have but it was so long ago that I cant remember.

But anyway now its summer and that means that it’s the best time of year for anklets. I guess if you live in Miami or well anywhere in south Florida. Yes also southern California or anywhere else where its warm more or less all year round.

Feather anklets and great all year round.

I would say L.A but I lived there for a year and I remember it being cold and rainy in the winter.

Enough about the weather.

These are a great and easy D.I.Y project and also super fun to wear.

I would suggest using smaller feathers so that you don’t wind up dusting the floor where ever you go.

You could go a simple as a few beads and flowers on a piece of leather that turns out perfect.

This one is a tattoo, but it looks so real that I just had to add it.

The next time I get out to the beach I am going to put one together with sea shells and feathers, you should expect to see the pictures. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Totally Bohemian Feather Fashion

The thing that really made me laugh out laud (LOL) when I started writing this post was that it was just few posts back I wrote about the word BOHO and said I didn’t know if it was a real word or made up, well I guess I got my answer.

I think that there is just something about feathers that is a bit bohemian in its nature.

So what really is bohemian anyway?

Obviously you are going to get a bunch of those textbook answers when you put that question out there. Things like “from Bohemia and different from the norm”. But my question is, what is the difference between Bohemian and Hippy? Or any other counter coulter name that you can find out there.

I think they are really all the same thing with just different names.

These are all just names that are given to people that feel the need to be more expressive about their individuality.

It’s a funny thing when you think about it every person on the planet is one of a kind, so why do some of us feel the need express it more than others.

But on thing is for sure feathers are something that do it for us, maybe its the freedom we associate with the fact that birds can naturally fly.

Maybe some of these pictures will inspire your one of a kind fashion to soar to new heights. 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Feathers And Seashells

The summer is in full swing and I don’t know about you but me and my family are crazy about the beach.

It is just the thing that we do most in the summer.

Obviously when you think about seashells you think about the beach, so for me when I think about or see seashells I think about the summer.

Anything that has seashells in it is summer fashion to me.

Here are a bunch of really cool feather and seashell fashion ideas for you all to play with in the sand at the beach.

I feel like anklets were much more in style in the 90s then they are today, but still in the summer time when you are always either barefoot or wearing sandals, they are supper cool.

Take a look at this seashell and feather choker. Now this thing doesn’t just make you think summer, it makes you think Hawaii.

Feather and seashell dream catcher, keeps the cold winter nightmares away.

Writing this post gave me total inspiration to make a feather and seashell keychain for my new car.

What do you think about it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Emily Ratajkowski In Prada Feather Trim Pants

So Emily is a smoking hot Russian model. While I was writing this post a Russian friend of mine saw her picture and pronounced her last name in a way that I could never repeat no matter how many times I heard him say it.

From what I understood from him it seems that she has worked in the field of.. well you could say adult entertainment.

Anyhow in this picture she is showing a bit of her cleavage off while going braless in this feather trimmed suit.

But of course it’s the suit that interests us here nothing else.


I was actually looking for the pants, which I had seen, because I feel like they are such an easy DIY project.

All you would need to do is to attach feather trim or feather boa to the bottom of a pair of dress pants.   

Same goes for the jacket and then you can have a great suit to wear to a business party or dinner.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Summer Feather Fashion – DIY Boho Feather Hairclip

So I have never heard about a Boho Feather hairclip before and honestly I think that Kinsey made it up.

But I don’t think about it enough to actually go and research it.

Kinsey has great step by step instructions on how to do this really cool project.

The thing that I like so much about this hairclip is that its kind of like having feather hair extensions that you can take off.

You can make it using our pheasant feathers.

Take a look at the full instructions at sincerelykinsey.com

Here is the link http://www.sincerelykinsey.com/2012/04/boho-feather-hair-clip-diy.html?m=1

Kinsey is one of those super cool free spirits, her main profession is as a photographer and her blog is a beautiful development which started off all about crafts and thrift fashion.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Jenny Packham Feather Fashion

Jenny Packham is a British fashion designer who opened up her line of designer clothing in 1988.

She is most famous for her Ready To Wear collections and bridal gowns.

One of the things I read about her is that her husband manages her companies. I really liked that because family businesses are just so nice.

This is one of her stunning white wedding dresses with a feather trim.
One of her colorful feather handbags with a matching feather dress.

A picture of Jenny Packham herself (it took a bunch of searching to find).
This glamorous feather hairclip is something that we have written about in the past because they are not hard to make.


This chemise with feather trim is perfect for the wedding night.