Monday, November 28, 2016

Feather Christmas Dresses - 2017

So its almost that time again and as always you need to be thinking about what you are going to wear.
Now this is a great idea for a feather hat that is in the holiday spirit.
Now this is a stunning feather dress to go with the hat, but i think that may be just a bit much.
This last one just goes to show that you don't need to go red for the Christmas vibe.
 Feather boas are a great and easy way to add feathers to almost any outfit and they will make a great gift for any family member who is into fashion. Order today so that you can have it for the big day.
Tuesday, November 15, 2016

All Of Our Thanksgiving Posts In One Place

If you are looking for something new and exciting to do for this years thanksgiving holiday than this post is for you.

Here we bring to you all of our thanksgiving post from years past so you don't have to go looking for them yourself like we did.

First up, what should you wear? 

Well check out our post on turkey feather dresses and maybe it will give you some good ideas.

Next up, how to set the table?

Here are two posts to help you out with that one.

And if you are still looking for some more ideas and some light reading here a couple more.

Order now and you can still get your feathers in time for the Holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving from

Malania Trump - Feather Fashion

America please welcome your new first lady.

Melania Trump in a stunning white feather gown at the Elton John aids rally. 

To tell you all the honest truth I really don't care much for politics and I didn't even vote.

But I really did think that I would find a lot more pictures of our new first lady in feathers.

This was all I found though.

Anyway this is one stunning dress and I do believe that we wrote a post about it in the past but I couldn't find it.

With that said

Donald and Melania Trump, welcome to the white house.
Monday, November 7, 2016

Feathers In The News - A Modern Thanksgiving Story

When I saw this article on not only did it make me smile, it gave me a real sense of joy. It's absolutely amazing how powerful culture and tradition can be.

These Ramapo Indians all gathered for a powwow on a cold and rainy day in October.  Some of them came waring traditional garb and danced and played drums.

They wrote feathers as you can see, but it wasn't about fashion, it was abut connecting with nature.

Because feathers are just one of nature's beautiful creations.

Read the whole article here.

Alessandro Michele

So Alessandro Michele is the head designer for Gucci these days.
It seams that he is creating a full spiral of fashion history all bound up into one.

What I mean by that is as follows. There are fashions that go in and out of style, like some sort of cosmic fashion circle.

But the fashions for the most part don't look the same when they they around from time to time.
Kind of like bell bottoms were in during the sixties and seventies. Then they came back in the nineties but were most popular as wide leg pants (I personally wore bell bottoms in the nineties and would love to wear them again)
And that's the idea of the spiral, things come around but at a different level, up or down is irrelevant.

Alessandro is combining all different styles from all eras and creating a wonderful synergy that will certainly give a place in fashion history.