Thursday, October 25, 2012

All Of Our Halloween Feather Posts In One Place

Because some times blogs are a bit hard to navigate I put together this list with links to all of our Halloween posts so that you can easily see them all together and visit the ones that you like.

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How To Make a Halloween Feather Wreath

You can make a feather wreath for Halloween really easily.
All you need is a feather boa, wire hanger, masking tape and some fishing wire.
All you need to do is make a circle with the wire hanger using the making tape to connect the two ends. Then attach one end of the feather boa to the wire hanger using the fishing wire.
Now all you need to do is wrap the boa around the wire hanger and attach the other end using the fishing wire.
After this your wreath is ready, now it is up to you to haunt it with some skeletons, witches and goblins and stuff.
If you want to see some of my personal favorite Halloween feather wreaths take a look at my post
The Best Halloween Feather Boas 
Also if you want to see what one other person on the net did with such a wreath take a look at this easy to make Halloween wreath.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Best Halloween Feather Boas

Our dark black extra large feather boa could go great with a number of Halloween costumes for both males and females.
The extra large boa may be too large for smaller children but if you kid wants to dress up as a vampire queen then one of our smaller size black or red boas could be perfect.
Also you could choose our other colors such as orange or pink to suite your costume.
Boas can be the perfect added touch to any kind of Halloween costume.
I think that the three best feather boas for Halloween are:
1- Turkey Ruff Boa Two-Tone – Oversized
2- Turkey Ruff Boa – Oversized
3- Turkey Ruff Boa w/ Ostrich
I really like these boas for Halloween because I just feel that red and black are two of the best colors for the occasion.
Order now from to get your feather boas and other feather products in time for Halloween!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Make A Feather Halloween Tree

Germans started to make their Christmas trees out of feather because they didn’t want to chop down real trees.
Now they would make these as Christmas trees but by just changing up the colors you can make a Halloween tree and decorate it with plastic skulls and pumpkin heads.
 The process of making these really cool trees is pretty simple and I am going to explain it to you here.
What you will need
1- Orange  feathers
2- Thick wire that you can bend but will hold its shape
3- Black floral tape
4- Small Black plastic berries
5- Black crepe paper
6- Paper glue
7- Thin wire for wrapping (about 26 gauge)
8- 3 inch wood cube with a hole drilled in the center to use as a base
First measure out thirteen pieces of the thicker wire.
1 piece – 13 inches (gets 3 inches of feather wrapping)
3 pieces – 5 inches (get 2 inches of feather wrapping)
4 pieces – 6 inches (get 4 inches of feather wrapping)
5 pieces – 9.5 inches (get 5.5 inches of feather wrapping)
The instructions are the same as the ones I give in “How To Make A Feather Tree”.
Now cover each piece with the black floral tape and attaché a plastic berry to the end, these are the branches of your tree. To create the leaves on the branches attach a feather to the end of the branch right under the berry attach the stem of the feather to the branch so that the hairs on the feather start by the berry and go out over the end of the branch. Wrap the feather around the branch so that the feather hairs should fan out to create the leaves. Follow the list above for how many inches of feather wrapping each branch should get.
Bend each branch except for the thirteen inch one, to a ninety degrees angle right at the end of the flower wrapping. Attach the braches to the long straight piece which is the trunk, using the floral tape. The three five inch pieces go directly under the top feather wrapping on the trunk. Then the four pieces get attached three inches under them. And the five pieces three inches under them. Put some glue along the trunk and cover the whole trunk with the black crepe paper. Stand the tree up in the base and you are ready to decorate it.