Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Peacock Island - Lokrum

A few weeks ago I went out with a couple of friends. This is actually an amazing story already, truthfully it unbelievable. Because I so rarely make the time to get out and see my friends.

But it happened.

We met up at a friend appartment and while we were getting ready( having a cup of wine before leaving) I saw these peacock feathers in a vase in their living room.

When ever I see a piece of feather art I snap a picture of it, this time I even got a whole story along with it.

The feathers had come from the island of Lokrum in the Adriatic Sea, not far from Dubrovnik in Croatia.

The island has a long and tragic history which includes even a curse made on the island by a bunch of monks that were kicked off of it.

There are a number of peacock families that were brought there from the Canary Islands.

If you really want to read all about it here is a link to the Wikipedia page about it.