Thursday, November 9, 2017

Don’t Buy Fake Peacock Feathers - When you can get them at good price

The feathers you see in craft stores definitely ARE real, and the birds DO molt them, which is painless and happens all the time. 
Here at we strive to bring you quality, real peacock feathers. 
Arrangements and designed items incorporate REAL peacock feathers rather than fake peacock feathers that some providers try to pass off as peacock feathers.
Peacocks Feathers Are only Gathered When They Molt

They lose their feathers naturally throughout the year.  Mostly completed in summer, the bird may lose as much as half of it’s total feathers to keep cool.

Consider Local Suppliers

While the peacock is native to southeast Asia, it’s worth considering purchasing feathers from US-based suppliers.  Not only is shipping quicker (and usually included!) but it provides a better level of accountability on the part of the business.  Property rights, business accountability, and faster delivery make purchasing from the US a better bargain when obtaining bulk peacock feathers.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Turkey Feather Fashion From The 1940s

I would think that there would be a lot more turkey feather dresses out there than there are.

But it seems that is something that was once big in the fashion world but is not anymore.

Check out these pictures of vintage turkey feather fashion from the 1940s.

I wonder why you don't see things like this anymore. Obviously I don't mean like this exactly, but like this just with a much more modern twist.

It's especially interesting because vintage is so in style these days.

Also I would figure that turkey feathers would just be great because there should be an abundance of them.

Especially around Thanksgiving time.

Hey, who knows, maybe it's just a matter of time before we start to see these back on the catwalks.

Am always talking about the way that fashions and trends always go in a spiral.

Treat Or Trick For Thanksgiving! ?

This post was supposed to go out two weeks ago but totally got lost in the system. 

As you can tell we have done some renovations here.

But because it was anyways a Thanksgiving post to begin with, I figured why not. 

Do you like scary movies? 

So Halloween is so close that I can't imagine you don't have everything ready by now.

But, just in case you don't here's a link to a post from a previous year with links to all of our Halloween posts. If you still don't know what to dress up as perhaps you can get an idea from there.

The truth is I was just going to skip Halloween this year and go straight to thanksgiving, but something caught my eye and gave me a flash of inspiration.

I was looking for some good turkey feather pictures when I saw this.

Her being dressed up as a pilgrim reminded me of an old scary movie that might be just prefect for Halloween night. I bet a bunch of you will remember this one.

The Bride Of Boogedy what's awesome is you can just watch the whole thing on YouTube.

Here is the link

What made me think about it was because he was a pilgrim.

Happy Halloween everyone.