Monday, June 20, 2016

Feather Dresses From The Top Name Designers

A lot of times some of these beautiful feather dresses are made from some of the designers that are reserved only for the high society.

I wanted to find some dresses that are also available for the more middle classes.

Now I want to show you three dresses that are more regular but the fourth is most definitely only for the very wealthy.
This first dress is basic and beautiful and available from Banana Republic.

Next up is this dress from Calvin Klein, simple yet very classy.
And last up for our more basic line up of name brand designers is this feather dress from Tiffany and Co.
Now for our last feather dress I just had to put this in here even though it's price Tage of over eight grand, which places it in the only for the very high class category.  None the less this dress by Gucci is like nothing that I have seen before.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hawaiian Style Feather Fashion For The Summer

I personally have not yet been to Hawaii but it is defiantly on my list of must see places.

I have read so much about the absolute natural beauty of the islands and the totally laid back culture of the people that live there. People who have visited and even a very close friend of mine who lived out there for a semester of collage cants help but say how friendly and peace full everything is there.

With their awesome culture is of course their totally unique traditional style clothing. Now I know that they had made capes out of feathers but I was thinking about something more for the summer season. What came to mind for me was the traditional Luau dresses and necklaces.

Now I know that these are traditionally made from grass and flowers but how cool would it be to have a luau style outfit made from feathers?

I thought that for sure this has already been done by some fashion designer but I have not yet found it.

So if you are a fashion designer here is your chance to be the first or you can easily make your own totally original outfit for the next pool party, beach party, summer bonfire or whatever.

All you need to do is attach this dyed green hackle fringe in two or three overlapping layers over a mini skirt.

Then just top it off with this two toned feather boa either as a necklace of a crown.

What ever you do have a great summer.
Sunday, June 5, 2016

HANNE BLOCH - Feather Bathing Suit

Many designers have created some absolutely stunning feather print bathing suits.

These feather print bathing suits are really amazing but there is nothing more exciting for us then real fluffy feathers on a piece of clothing.

Now what is more appropriate for the summer than a super sexy swimsuit.

Now take a look at these two feather print swim suits, they are beautiful.

But like we all ready said, there is nothing like the real thing and Hanne Bloch gave that to us.

Hanne left a long carrier at Missoni fashion company and started her own line of swim wear out of  Copenhagen, and just take a look at this feather baiting suit she put out.

Thank you Hanne for this stunning swim suit.
Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Marc Jacobs – Feathers Of 2015 & 2016

Marc Jacobs from New York started his designing career at the young age of 15 when he designed and sold his first line of hand knit sweaters.

Ever since Marc has won various awards in the design industry at record braking young ages.

So I am sure that I could write tens of posts on all of Marc's designs but we are just going to feature here some of his wonderful creations from 2015 & 2016.

These first two designs I am going to show you are from a movie like, all American, red white and blue show that Marc out on in New York this Past September (2015).

From what I read in the Vogue website article that spoke about the show it was like a live movie. They even had popcorn being handed out. What I really would of loved to experience is seeing all of this come down the red carpet to “sabotage” by Rage Against the Machine.

After the light and patriotic looks of that show Marc put out a dark and weird line that he showed off this past February.

Just take a look at these two designs from Marc's latest line.