Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Feather Trim Beach Towels

So once I was surfing the internet for feather swimsuit cover-ups, I was already at the beach with feathers in my brain, so naturally I expanded my feather horizon to the beach towel.

Now I am still getting over the shock of not finding feather pool dresses, or swimsuit cover-ups, but I guess when you are talking about beach towels it makes a bit more sense that you wouldn’t want to have feather trim on a beach towel.

I could imagine that it would be really hard to clean the sand out of those feathers after a day in the sun.

But still look at this picture below, there should be some where that you can get the same thing with a white feather trim.

And now they have these super cool round beach towels, but still no feather trim, why?

Please if any of you take these ideas and make lots of money with them, at least take me out for a drink one day.

Have a great summer everyone.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Feather Pool Dresses, Swimsuit Cover-ups

If there is anything hotter then a G-string bikini, it’s a mostly see through pool dress to go over that G-string.

Now at first glance people would say what is the point of these things. But they really are supper sexy and glamorous. I don’t think that they have any practical use though, maybe they keep you a drop warmer, and perhaps some stores that wouldn’t let you in with just a bathing suite would let you slide with a pool dress on.

Any way, practical or not is not the question, we are talking about fashion here, and what about some hot feather pool dresses?

So after searching through the internet trying to find awesome feather pool dresses, I think that this is a very new idea. I really couldn’t find more then just this one feather pool dress.

And I couldn’t even find who makes it, just found the picture on Pinterest.

And then I started to search for swimsuit cover-ups with feathers, and still not much out there.

I found this one that has feathers at the ends of the string tie, but what about Lace cover-ups with feather trim.

Or a cover up just made out of feather boas attached by lace.

I just cant understand why there is not more of this stuff out there.

I think this could be just as big as the feather bell bottom idea that I just gave you all a few months ago.