Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Feather Decorations

Are you still looking for some last minute decoration ideas for this year’s Christmas holiday?
Maybe one of our Christmas feather decorations is just what you are looking for.
Here are our three posts on D.I.Y feather Christmas decorations.

First up the feather tree

What you will need
1- Green feathers
2- Thick wire that you can bend but will hold its shape
3- Green floral tape
4- Small plastic berries
5- Brown crepe paper
6- Paper glue
7- Thin wire for wrapping (about 26 gauge)
8- 3 inch wood cube with a hole drilled in the center to use as a base

Read the whole post on how It’s made

How To Make A FeatherTree

Next we have the feather wreath

Things you are going to need
1- one or two green feather boas
2- green spray paint
3- hot glue gun
4- some thick red ribbon
6- five peacock swords
7- solid wreath frame
8- loose green feathers

How To Make A Feather Wreath For The Holidays

And last these beautiful feather Christmas ornaments

I won’t even start on what you will need, you just need to see the post

Feather Christmas Ornaments

Order what you need today and you can have by the holiday! 
Monday, December 9, 2013

Feather Stocking Stuffers 2013

Hey every one, have you gotten all of your Christmas shopping done yet?  No! well no worries because I bet no one has yet. I would guess that even the people who think they got it all done already will need to pick up a thing or two before the holiday gets here.
Last year I wrote a post about feather stocking stuffers and this is just a continuation of it.
First off are these great feather headbands.

You can order them from http://www.mimiboutique.com/accessories/feather-accessories/feather-headbands or take a look at our post
Then you have the other great option of feather hair clips these are also available from mimiboutique.com.

And of course we have a post on how to make those as well.

How To Make AFeather Hair Clip – Fast, Easy & Cheap!

And last up for this year’s feather stocking stuffers, feather leg warmers.

Have a look at our two posts;

Feather LegWarmers


D.I.Y FeatherLeg Warmers

Take a look at our great ideas from 2012

FeatherStocking Stuffers 2012

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Santa Feather Costumes

Who is the one person that on his very own represent the Christmas holiday? Of course it’s the Santa coming in from the South Pole to bring gifts to all the children of the world
So here are some ways people have used feathers to dress up as the man himself.

Honestly though, I really wanted to find a men’s Santa costume that had feathers in it but I couldn’t.

First is this adorable feather hemmed dress for little girls.

Then we have the feather Santa costumes for the big girls.

Never mind the tubby old Santa, take a look at these sizzling hot Santa outfits. I know you want to see your woman in one of these this year for Christmas.

Of course all you really need is a red dress and you can attach a white feather trim yourself.
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