Monday, April 30, 2018

DIY Feather Summer Fashion – Feather Shirts

When its really hot out all I want to be wearing is a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

But what can you do if you want to have some bling in your outfit, a little bit of life?

So attaching some feathers can make any old shirt super fashionable.

Just take look at this shirt:

All it took was a bit of feather trim and a regular shirt became completely transformed.

Unfortunately I don’t know who to give credit for this shirt because I only saw it on Pinterest, and the link to the webpage didn’t work.

I find that this happens a lot with Pinterest, its so annoying.

Attaching feathers to a shirt can be amazingly simple, take a look at this video from ehowbeauty.
And be sure order your feathers today say that you can get started making awesome feather shirts for your summer wardrobe.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Bibhu Feather Dresses

The Feather Fashion Comeback 2018

For me feathers have always been super in and popular, but maybe that’s just the fashion world through my eyes. 

That is what seems to be the case according to this post on that says the past few years have very much leaned toward a more minimalistic style. 

That doesn’t mean no feathers though, right? I mean we have most definitely seen tons of awesome minimalist outfits which are modestly decorated with feathers.

But hey I just guess feathers are glamourous and that’s not minimalist.

What are the reasons that this has all seemed to have come to an end this summer? The reasons mentioned span from world tragedy to the change in the female role in society. 

The why is not is as important to me as the what. So check out some of these new styles and let us all enjoy the 2018 feather fashion comeback. 

Do you want to read the full article?

Go for it, here is the link.


Ashley Williams dress and earrings; Dior shoes; Delfina Delettrez rings.



Saturday, April 7, 2018

D.I.Y Feather Summer Fashion – Feather Shoes

These shoes look so great that it is a complete surprise that they are so simple to make!

Vicky Logan really makes it so easy to do with this short video.

All you need are some simple supplies:
Feather Boa
E600 glue

That’s it!

And like she sais in the video you probably have all this stuff laying around your house any way.

She is just showing us here how its done using black shoes and a black boa, but you can get crazy with the colors and do anything you want.

Thanks Vicky!!
Tuesday, April 3, 2018

D.I.Y Summer Feather Fashion - Feather Shorts

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add some feathers to your feather wardrobe, I have found just the thing for you.

Destiny Salina was not one of the most watched Youtubers to make a do it yourself video about feather shorts, but I liked hers the best.

I liked the way she starts her video by just saying “hey this is what’s up”, it gives the whole thing a very real and friendly feel to it.

Any way, her whole thing is about getting the whole thing done for under ten bucks, which is cool.

Watch the video and give her a like she deserves it, enjoy.