Sunday, September 3, 2017

Matthew Williams – Ostrich Feather Trimmed Dress

Coming across this dress was a short and pleasant adventure for me.

I first found it mentioned on the website quoting another site, where it was being sold for $2,513.

If that seems like an crazy amount to you it is simply because you are not buying fashion designer clothing. I only mention this because I think it’s a crazy amount to spend on a dress, but because I write about the fashion industry all the time I know what this kind of apparel are going for.

The thing that we need to understand is these are not just clothing, but works of art.

This dress truly is a work of art. From the patterns of the lace upper through the long ostrich feather trim, everything is put together perfectly.

True talent can be seen in the way the green lace pattern gradually gives way to the feather trim., where the dress was last being sold is in German. Thanks to Google these language barriers have been torn down while surfing the internet. But the description of the dress said NUDE colored, and thought that this might be a case of bad translation, but its not.

After being educated on nude colors, I had to find a bit more about the designer Matthew Williamson.

Matthew is British and born in 1971. If you really want to hear all about his carrier here is a link to the right page in Wikipedia.

For me these are the highlights.

Matthew is known for his bright colors. In 1997 he displayed the “Electric Angels” at the London Fashion week. I find these designs to be breath taking.

In recent years Matthew Williams has produced his own line of home decor. His taste in interior design is right up my ally, absolutely incredible.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

DIY – Stage Worthy Feather Fans

Now I know that have written in the past about how to make your own feather fans, but these girls totally took this to another level.

Billy Wilburn and Corey Shelsta
South Dakota State University Theatre

These two wrote out in detail how they made these fans so if you are interested in such a project you can take a look at their link below.

What they say in the beginning is very true, these fans are a bit expensive, but if you are not into the project you can buy the fan HERE.

But if you are going to go for it with this kind of project then we have just the feathers that you are going to be needing.

If you try this out, take some pictures and share them with us.