Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Feather Scarves For The Winter

Oh it is cold outside!

Beside for feather boots the only feathers that I see people wearing around in this cold weather are down feathers.

But of course those aren’t the feathers we are interested in here. We want the feathers that you can see, that are colorful beautiful and flap in the wind.

Now I was thinking about a feather scarf and of course you could just buy a nice thick feather boa and that could work. But the question is would it do the job for the really cold weather? I am not sure.

So I found two nice feather decorated scarves out there but wow if you just want to be a little creative I feel like the possibilities are endless with feather scarves.

Just think about how easy these can be to make yourself. Now imagine what you can do with feather fringes and feather boas!

I had to show you all this great work of art I came across while looking for feather scarves. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Feather Boots

Here are just some great feather boots that I saw.
What is really great about them is just think about how easy they would be to make.

All you need is any pair of boots and some of your favorite feathers and you can make great feather boots.