Friday, July 22, 2016

Feather Umbrellas

I had thought that all feather products had been covered in our previous posts but I was wrong.

Now what could be classier the a feather umbrella on a hot and sunny summer day?

Now a feather umbrella would not work for the winter time or any rainy season that is. But to use for shade in the summer it's perfect. 

The umbrella was originally used for shade and not rain anyway. 

How can you make your own feather umbrella?

Well that is going to have to be the topic for another post. But if you want a real easy way to add feathers to any fashionable umbrella, all you need to do is attach feather fringe or a feather boa to the edge. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Michael Kors Feather Dresses

Michael Kors is a New York sports
wear designer and the head of his company.  He has designed many dresses worn by the rich and famous.  Probably one of his most famous was that worn by Michelle Obama when she took her first term portrait in the White House as first lady.
He has designed some absolutely stunning feather dresses.

This first dress is a feather-peplump sleeveless sheath sold by Neiman Marcus. I love the more subtle feather fringe in it.

This next beauty from Kors 2016 collection is much more heavy on the feathers and fabulous.
This Michael Kors feather skirt is simple and just stunning.

This last one is from Michaels collection from this past fall.
Monday, July 11, 2016

Riccardo Tisci Feather Creations

Julianne Moore in a Riccardo Tisci Feather dress

Riccardo Tisci comer from a very religious Italian family.  He studied at the design istituto D'Arte until the age of 17 and then at London Central Saint Martin's Academy in 1999.
In 2007 he became the new designer for Givenchy.
Here is just a few of the beautiful feather designs that I have found of his.
This stunning dress that Beyonce wore to the Met Gala 2015 is one of his most renowned pieces and was already featured in one of our previous posts.
This feather decorated pump is another of his works.
And the list keeps on going with this one from Sandra's Closet.
Sunday, July 10, 2016

Neanderthal Feather Fashion

So we all know about the native American Indian and their fetch for feather decorated clothing.

I have also written about other cultures that have a long history of using feathers as part of their traditional fashion, but this neanderthal feather fashion is really interesting to me.

So what is the whole story here ?

Well A paleoanthropoligist By The Name Of Marco Peresani found some bird bones in a dig near Verona Italy that stongly suggest that the neanderthal were removing feathers for the fashion and not just for food or warmth.

Well so feather fashion has been around since before we were really and it is still going strong.

It might even be that it's having the biggest com back ever.