Sunday, June 24, 2018

Feather Wedding Fashion

Jenny Packham 2016

The main inspiration for this post came from a write up on from 2016.
Lela Rose 2016

They wrote about different wedding fashion trends, one of them of course being feathers.
Gillian Higgins 2016

I think that feathers are always going to find a big place in wedding fashion. You can see for yourself that even this year we have this feather wedding dress from Randi Rahm.
Randi Rahm 2018

It’s a safe bet to say that every year some of the top wedding dress designers are going to be putting out feather adorned dresses in their collections. 
Junebug Weddings 2016

We get the joys of seeing new and stunning wedding dresses every year.

I wonder how far back I can go and find a picture for every year of a designer feather wedding dress.