Monday, January 30, 2012

Pheasant Feather Dresses

We have seen so much beautiful feather apparel that sometimes I wonder if I have seen it all. But of course that’s never true because there is always something new and exciting that people are doing with feathers.

My latest discovery was of some beautiful pheasant feather dresses that were paraded down the catwalk, and I am not talking about the kind of feather apparel that we saw on the

cat walk at the Victoria Secret show in New York.

I actually found three dresses that were made with real pheasant feathers. They were all being talked about on other blogs that deal with fashion unlike this blog which is all about the feathers.

The first one that caught my eye was this dress featured in this post that they wrote about the designer Sarah Burton who is the head designer for Alexander McQueen.

Here is a picture of the dress that I think is beautiful.

The second pheasant feather dress that is also breathtaking was on in a post by Sarah Rabinowe.

Check out this piece made by Irina Shabayeva.

And last is this piece I found on made by Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent.

I put these dresses in the order that I liked them. But which do you like best?

Monday, January 9, 2012

How To Make A Feather Fan like the One Julia Roberts Is Warring In “Mirror Mirror”

Ok it`s actually pretty easy all you need is a hot glue gun, some card board, a pensile, a small plate and 28 dyed white peacock tail feathers.

Trace a circle in the card board using the plate and the pensile. Cut out the circle bend it in half and cut it so that you have two perfect half circles. Sort the feathers into 14 pairs of equal length feathers, trim them when needed so that they should be the same length. Now lay out the feathers on the card board. The longest pair should be side by side in the center of the half circle and the smallest pair should be one on either end of the half circle. Space the feathers evenly and so the hairs of each feather are over lapping. Once you have all the feathers laid out nice and even put some hot glue on each feather where it is on the card board. Do this fast so that the glue doesn’t dry. When all the feathers have glue on them press the other half circle on top of the feathers and the hot glue. Wait for the glue to dry and then glue the other half circle on so that the feathers are sandwiched in place. Once its dry you can have it put inside your dress.



Dyed White Peacock Tail Feathers, Evil Queens & Julia Roberts

Dyed White Peacock Tail Feathers, Evil Queens & Julia Roberts

‘Mirror Mirror” is the fairy tale story of “Snow White” told with a nice twist. Who would have thought that they would choose Julia Roberts to play the part of the evil queen? I actually think that she is great for the part because the evil queen in the old school Disney version was ugly and scary looking. At least Julia is actually pretty so may she would be the fairest in the land if it wasn’t for that brat snow white. Any way Julia looks great in here gown decorated with dyed white peacock tail feathers. If you are making a gown for some fancy occasion here is how you can make that same feather fan and then sow it into your dress, or you can have the seamstress do it for you.

How To Make A Feather Fan like the One Julia Roberts Is Warring In “Mirror Mirror”

Monday, January 2, 2012

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