Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Celebrity Feather Fashion Christmas 2014

Now with Christmas and new years behind us and nothing but the biting cold of the remaining winter months to keep us busy, the best thing to do is to take a look at some of the great feather outfits that we may have missed over the holidays.

After searching the internet to see what I may have missed over Christmas, I was surprised to find out that I didn’t miss much. There were only three celebs that I found this year sporting feathers for the holiday. 

The first to come up was this super expensive mini dress that Lindsay Lohan wore to the Chopard Christmas party in London this year.

This stunning liquid sequin feather trimmed mini dress was made by the English designer Matthew Williamson and is worth over $5,000.

Hey what good is money if you don’t spend it.
Lindsay Lohan at Chopard Christmas Party at Annabel's member's club at Mayfair, London

Next we find Cara Delevingne in a feather trimmed white dress while promoting the holiday line for Topshop.

And the last celeb that I found sporting feathers this holiday season was Lady Gaga.
We have seen her sporting feathers before in a number of her outfits so I was not so surprised to see her hitting the streets of New York City covered in these beautiful white feathers.

Lady Gaga steps out in New York, America - 17 December 2014