Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feather Eyelashes

I really love it when I find a new feather product or fashion that I didn’t see before.
Feather eyelashes are one of those pleasant surprises.
You can buy all sorts of feather eyelashes on line or of course you can make them yourself with real feathers (of course that will be my next post).
From what I have gathered the trend of creating feather eyelash extensions has its roots somewhere in China.
There are also two different way to make feather eyelashes.
One way is to attach feathers to you eyelashes and another way is to style your own lashes to look like feathers.
My favorite picture here is from this great fashion bog that I came across.
Take a look at these stunning pictures.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Feathers

It’s that time of year that everyone is talking about the great American bird.

No I am not talking about the bald eagle; I am talking about the other great American bird the turkey.

So in the name of the season I wanted to dedicate a post to all the different types of turkey feathers we have to offer at FeatherStore.com.

First up for our turkey feather products that have to do with Thanksgiving are our turkey feather quills. They come already tipped for that pilgrim in you to write a quick note.

Next up are our turkey ruff fringes. These are great to easily give almost any piece of clothing an Indian look and feel.

We also have these cool looking dyed turkey quills for the more modern pilgrims.


 Enough with the pilgrims and Indians now let’s talk strictly turkey feather.

Here are a few more great turkey feather products that you can find on FeatherStore.com.





Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hurricanes For The Birds

What do our feathered friends do during a hurricane?
Like use birds know ahead of time that a hurricane is coming. They are extremely sensitive to even slight shifts in barometric pressure. Depending on the kind of the bird and the location that it finds itself in when it catches the news of bad weather, the bird will chose from one of three options.
Some birds will chose to sit tight and ride out the storm on the ground. Wood peckers for instance will hunker down in their hollowed out tree until the storm passes. This option just like all of the others has its possible down fall. In this case it would be the obvious, which if the tree doesn't make it through the storm then the bird is out of luck.
Some birds just evacuate. The problem with this is that even if they get caught up in the outer winds of the storm they could still wind up hundreds if not thousands of miles away from the homes.
Some birds take the braves rout and fly with the storm itself. They can either stay in the eye of the storm where the weather is calm or the can actually ride the winds in order to increase their flying speed. This course of actions is very trying on the birds because it forces them to go long stretches of time without food or rest. These brave birds can also find themselves at the end of the storm many miles from home.
With Hurricane Sandy many birds were lucky because of its coming late in the migration season most of the birds had already migrated south for the winter.