Wednesday, February 10, 2016

D.I.Y Feather Valentine Wreath

Valentine’s Day is just next week! Here is a great way to decorate your door in the spirit of the season.

I feel like if there is any holiday that feathers fit into it is Valentine’s Day.

We have written posts before about feather wreaths but I don’t think there was one yet about a valentine feather wreath. But then again there isn’t much of a difference, just the shape and the color.

Here is a cute post about making a valentine heart shapedfeather wreath.

She talks about buying a heart shaped Styrofoam but if you want to be more D.I.Y gung-ho then you can make it out of paper mache.

Then all you need to do is wrap the heart shape in a nice pink feather boa and you are all set.

If you prefer you can also go with a red boa.

And you don't need to use a heart shape.
I hope you enjoy

Have a happy valentines’ 
Wednesday, February 3, 2016

DIY Feather Peplum

The feather peplum is a great accessory for fancying up any outfit.

You can ware it even with your jeans and t-shirt and in a flash, you are totally styling.

Now these can be made really easily using feather fringes.

I found this video on youtube on how to make them.

She talk for a bit so if you want to get right to the DIY part move forward to 3:25.
Now just think what you can do with some of these great colored fringes.