Monday, March 14, 2016

CONTRAFASHION – Really Scary Feather Fashion

CONTRAFASHION is a Russian based design group that conducted their spring summer men’s and women’s catwalk looks at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week in Russia.

If you ask me these looks are even too scary for Halloween.  

Just take a look at this super creepy feather fashion.

This last picture doesn’t have any feathers but I just had to show it to you anyway.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Feather Fashion 2016 – Spread Your Wings & Fly

I always feel like spring s the best feather fashion season. The style of feathers is just so in touch with the waking up of the world after the long cold winter nights. All the colors of the feathers seem to be in invitation for the freedom that the coming summer months are promised to bring forth.

So of course this year will be no different than all those past, just better.

What do we have in store for you here? Well we are going to start off with some super cool feather shoes, then these stunning feather gowns and finish off with feather fringes for desert.

Now let’s get started with these great shoes by Marco de Vincenzo. More of a sandal than a shoe adorned with a very nice arrangement of flowers.

Next up these awesome feather boots from Henry Holland perfect for those cool spring nights that still have a bit of lingering winter in them.

These three feather gowns created by Geogina Chapman and Keren Craig are more then I could put down in words so I will just let you feast your eyes on them.

To finish off we bring you this fringe at Sophie Theallet from NOWFASHION.

Enjoy spring everyone.