Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mary Kate Olsen`s Feather Dress – who Designed It?

The first thing that I think of when I hear anything that has to do with the Olsen twins is of course “Full House”. I am sure that I am not alone on this ether. 

Well here is this picture of Mary Kate wearing this awesome and sexy black feather dress.

As I have mentioned before in some of my other posts I really like the Goth look so this dress rates extra high by me.

Any ways it seems that she is also into the Goth look.

But my question here is, is it a dress that she designed?
I would have to assume not because it was her prom dress but I couldn’t find out who did make it.
It could be that whoever made it was quit about it because it was called one of the worst prom dresses.
I am sure that it is far better looking than most prom dresses but still who designed and made it?
Let me know if you have any input. 
Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feather Wigs

I love to find a new feather product that I can show all of our readers. Feather wigs are such an amazing and yet obvious use of feathers. Think about it, if the birds can cover their bodies with feathers why shouldn’t there be products out there for us to cover our heads with feathers. That is beside feather hats, because wearing a hat that has feathers on it is very different, in my humble opinion than a feather wig. A feather wig is beautiful because when you wear one the feathers are taking the place of your hair.

First we have this simple turkey hackle feather wig.

Even though this is the most simple feather wig that we are writing about it is still really nice looking.

You can see different colors by just following this link

Next we have this raven black feather wig.

This one is my personal favorite. It may be only because I like the gothic look but even though this is also a pretty simple feather wig, I think it is stunning.

Last we have this amazing purple and gold feather wig head piece.

Now this feather wig is a true work of art. Even the shoulder length purple hair is made from feathers.
I am actually very surprised that you can buy this one for only $75.00
Follow this link to see more pictures
Post a link to any other feather wigs that you know about.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Philip Treasy Feather Hats

Philip Treasy was born in Western Ireland in the 1960`s. in 1985 he moved to Dublin to go to the national college of art and design. During the time that he was studying there he began to make hats by hand to go along with the outfits that he designed. In those days when Philip would make hats by hand he looked at it as a hobby of his. Now you can find a simple looking hat of his on E-bay being sold for one thousand four hundred and seventy five dollars.

Talk about turning a hobby into a business!!

Because his work was so amazing he was awarded a place on the MA fashion design course at the royal college of art in London. Philip graduated with honors in 1990. Since then he has designed hats for the late Alexander McQueen, karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan.

Philip Treacy rose and feather hat hairbow headpiece
This is a beautiful piece so simple but yet so full of detail.

Here are some pictures of feather hats that were made by Philip which I found on this blog

Here is a picture of Philip with the late hat fancier Isabella Blow. Just look at all those feathers in that hat, amazing.

This is a picture of Princess Eugenie wearing one of Philips feather headpieces at some fancy occasion.

Take a look at this picture of Lady Gaga wearing one of Philips feather wreaths.

Last here is a picture of Jodie Kidd wearing a Treacy saucer with pheasant flowers.

Do you have any other Philip Treacy feather hats you want to share with us?