Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Make a Feather Skirt – Easy and Inexpensive

Today feathers are in and you can see it all over the fashion world. The thing is that a lot of the stuff that’s done real nice is also real expensive. So here you go with one great way to get into the feather fashion without needing to empty out your bank account. Feather skirts like the one that I am going to explain how to make can cost as much as two hundred dollars or more in stores and to make it yourself will cost less than fifty. What you are going to need is three or four feather boas, a skirt, five to eight peacock feathers, needle and thread, a pair of scissors and some material to use as a lining for the skirt.

What you need to do is just attach the boa, at one end, to the skirt about two or three inches down from the waist to leave a waist band. Then letting the boa hang down just about two inches below the bottom of the skirt attach it from the middle at the same height as the end just close enough so that you don’t see the skirt underneath. Continue this around the skirt attaching the boa in a zigzag around the skirt. At first attach the boas at the top of the skirt and when you have the skirt completely covered then put stitches down the boa to attach it to the skirt. Now attach the peacock feathers to the skirt using one stitch per feather and then put in the lining to cover up all the stitches on the inside of the skirt. Your skirt is just about done if you would like to thin it down on the top you can do so by either adding more stitches or selectively trimming with a pair of scissors.

Enjoy your new skirt!

For a more visual description of this DIY project check out the link below
Monday, September 12, 2011

The Summer That the Celebrities Got into the Feather Fashion

It seems that this past summer feathers found their way into the fashions of the big league. This past summer we saw a good few celebrities wearing clothing with feather prints. Some of these ladies doing the feather style were Eva Parker, Tory Burch, Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie. But these were just feather prints on dresses and shirts, the summer of 2011 also saw numbers of your favorite beauties in dresses, gowns and um not much at all decked out in real feathers. Here are some of the ladies that put on the real feathers this past summer; Uma Thurman (link to article with photos), Bar Refaeli (link to article with photos), Alicia Keys (link to article with photo), Lucy Liu (link to article with photo), Kim Kardashian (link to photo), Charlize Theron (link to article with photo) and Naomi Campbell (link to photo). So we have already seen feathers make their way into hair, headbands, earrings and all other sorts of jewelry. Now I think we are about to see feathers a lot more in clothing as well because that’s just the way it is, if the stares are doing it so will everyone else. Well for all of you fashion desiners you know where you can get your wholesale feathers .

Hey and for all you guys that would like to get in on this feather fashion boom, follow this link and scroll down to see feather ties, bow ties and more.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

How To Create Your Own Bird Mask Using Real Feathers

Making your own bird mask can be a really fun project. The instructions here are about how you can create your own bird mask out of papier-mâché and real bird feathers. The first thing you need to do is buy the feathers and paint. Then make sure that you have one cup of flour in your house that you can use for the project. You are also going to need a balloon, a pair of scissors, a marker, some old newspapers, glue and some cardboard.

The first thing that you need to do is make the papier-mâché past and mold the mask.

What we are going to do is use the balloon to mold the mask.

First make a papier-mâché past using one cup of flour and three cups of water.

Put the flour in a sauce pan and add some water to make a past. Begin heating the past over a medium flame and add the rest of the water slowly. When it starts to boil lower the flam and continue to mix until you have a smooth and even past and remove from the flam.

Now inflate the balloon until it is just a bit larger than the size of the head of the person that will be wearing the mask and tie it closed. Use a bowl as a stand for the balloon putting the knotted part on the inside of the bowl. Rip the newspaper into strips about one inch thick. Coat each strip on both sides and start to cover the balloon. Make sure to smooth out any ripples and that the strips are slightly overlapping. Apply three or four layers, making the first layer vertical, the second across and the third vertical in order to strengthen the mold. Let the mold dry for two days.

When your mold is good and dry you can pop the balloon and get to work. First cut around the bottom in order to even out the opening for the head. Put the mask on the persons head and with the marker mark the locations for the eyes and mouth. Remove the mask and cut the opening for the eyes and mouth. If there are any parts of the mask that you are not going to cover with feathers you should paint it before you start to put the feathers on.

I would suggest you use feather plumage and cover the whole mask with it. Start from the bottom around the opening for the head and glue the feathers on upside down meaning with the stem part upward. Glue the top two inches of the feathers to the bottom edge of the mask. Glue each feather so that it is just touching the feather next to it. The next row up should be overlapping the one underneath it and the feathers should be placed in between the feathers underneath them. Row by row cover the mask. At the crown of the mask over lap the feathers in a circle to cover the area.

For the beak cut a wide triangle out of cardboard, paint it, fold it in half and glue it to the mask above and around the mouth.

VWALLA you’re done!

Have fun and comment to let us know how it works out for you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feather Art Projects – Painting on Feathers

Painting on feathers is a form of southwestern art. Southwestern art is a combination of Mexican, Indian and Cow Boy cultures and art. Southwestern art was born in states like Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Today Southwestern art can be seen all across North America. It can always be recognized by it use of furs and feathers as well as its turquoise and pastel colors.

Painting on feathers can be a great art project to do with older children and adults. I would think that children under the age of 9 might have a hard time with it because when you paint on a feather you are not painting on something which is one solid piece but rather a densely packed group of feathers.

The best feathers to paint on are large pheasant feathers and large peacock feathers. You can decide to paint a taller portrait or a longer one, just decide which way you would like the feather to sit once it is framed. Feather portraits are usually painting of nature scenes and animals like eagles and buffalo but you can create anything that you like.

You start the paining using a paint marker to make the outline. Don't press hard on the feather just draw the outline of what you want to paint by softly drawing with the paint marker from the center of the feather out. Now when you want to draw in the opposite direction then the feather hairs, try to make the line by drawing small lines or really dots one on top of the other but drawing along the length of the hair.

Once you have your outline you can start to create you feather master piece. Use good quality acrylics and remember not to use to much paint. Also when using the paint remembers to paint along the length of the hairs so that you don't separate them.

And remember to have fun with it.

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