Saturday, January 12, 2013

Phoenix & Birds - ITS (International Talent Support) 2012

“The symbol of the bird that is reborn anew from its ashes is also making its comeback as the metaphor of a spiritual resurgence as a reaction to a strong desire for change. But also the use of bird imagery, in general makes a comeback with various symbolic references. After the storm and the flood Noah`s ark received the message of a new earth cleansed from impurities from a dove holding olive leaves in its beak, becoming the ultimate symbol of peace. The idea of flight as the escape from adversities, as the rise towards a higher state of awareness of the human being. Birds have been used in all possible modalities: stylized – often using only the wings, which bring us back to the metaphor of the flight - used as the head- gear, embroidered, incorporated into the few prints we have found or into jewelry designs.” 
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