Tuesday, January 29, 2013

D.I.Y Feather Neck Warmer

It is that time of year again that your daily outfits have to include those extra winter articles such as gloves and hats.
Keeping the neck warm in the cold weather is always one of the most important things to make sure about. Until this year I was always wearing scarves but this year I totally switched over to neck warmers.
So like everything else, why not add feathers to them!
Now any simple fleece neck warmer can easily be transformed into a warm feather masterpiece that you can wear every day.
Ok are you ready for this, it is super simple.
Get yourself a plain fleece neck warmer and the feather boa of your choice.
Now cut the feather boa into pieces the length of your neck warmer.
Then attach the strips of feather boa along the length of your neck warmer using two or three simple stitches. Attach them all around the neck warmer spacing them just enough so that they are just touching each other.
Once you’re finished covering your neck warmer you are done.
Have fun and send us pictures!!

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