Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How To Make Your Own Costume Wings

Making your own wings for a costume can be very easy and fun. It can also be a very complicated work of art that you spend large amounts of time and money on. Here are instructions on how to make the first type of costume wings. At the end of the post I will give some links to more complicated DIY wing projects for those of you that are really motivated about your costume.

List if materials you will need:

1- Two fifty one inch long pieces of 16-guage craft wire

2- Duck tape

3- Two XXL stockings or other thin material to cover the frames

4- Needle nose pliers

5- Hot glue gun

6- Feathers

7- Ribbon or material for attaching the wings to your back

The first thing you need to do is measure the craft wire and market at 20 and 35 inches. Now once that’s done bend the wire at the 20 inch mark to a curved ninety degree angle. Then from the thirty inch mark bend it back to the other end, twist the two ends together, bend it own so that it’s not sticking out and cover the junction with duck tape. Repeat this with the second piece of wire and then attach both wings together at the center with the duck tape. Now put the stockings over the wing frames one at a time from the outside in to the center, wrap the extra material around the center where the two wings meet and secure in place with the tuck tape.

Now you are ready to add the feathers to your wings. I would say to order 120 pieces of turkey plumage in whatever color you want. Attach the feathers to the wings using the hot glue gun.

Layer the feathers from the bottom up with the stem sticking up. For the top row trim the stems down. Cover both sides of each wing. Now all that you need to do is tie the wings to your back using the ribbon or material. Tie the ribbon to the center of the wings and then make two loops

to put your arms through so that you can wear the wings like a back pack.

That’s it your done

If you would like to make a more complicated set of wings check out what these people did.

Toby wins number one in my book for coolest home made angle wings. They even extend when
he puts his arms out!
Check out this link to see how he made them

These girls at HCC Cosplay make some really cool angle wings and you could see how they do it at this link

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