Sunday, October 23, 2011

How To Make A Las Vegas Showgirl Headpiece

If you are looking to get bit crazy this Halloween and dress up like a classic Las Vegas showgirl, you can find lots of tips on line on how to do it. But what interests us here are the feathers and how you are going to use them the best that you can. The one piece of the showgirl costume that stands out the most is their feather headpiece. So here are the simple to follow instructions on how to create your own Las Vegas showgirl headpiece yourself. What you are going to need is some large peacock feathers, a hot glue gun, a needle with thread and a tiara. So the first thing you need to do is get your peacock feathers a tiara. I saw some great looking tiaras at and I would suggest the 35-40 inch peacock tails which can be bought in their natural color or dyed. Now depending on the tiara that you get, attach the feathers to either the front or back with the hot glue gun. The feathers should be attached vertically to create a big thick fan. Then secure the feathers using the thread. That’s it your feather headpiece is done.

Other things you may want to purchase are feather boas and feather masks.

Have A Happy Halloween!!

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