Saturday, December 29, 2018

Penelope Cruz In A Stunning Chanel Dress

I actually came across this picture while looking around for Hollywood Christmas photos.

What happened in the end? I found myself trying to remember what had really happened in that movie Vanilla Sky.

For some reason I couldn’t remember what movies I had seen Penelope in.

Which made me think about memories in general and then I came across Vanilla Sky.

Now if you have not seen the movie yet, and you like those kind of movies that are a mind trip, you should definitely see that one.

But any way back to this awesome dress Penelope wore to the Emmy Awards this past September. The head line of the Harpers Bazaar article said that it took over three hundred hours to embroider, looking at the dress you wouldn’t be surprised.

Here is a link to that if you want to read more.

Well she didn’t wear it for Christmas, but all you need is to add some red in there and it would be perfect for the holyday.

Even just a red feather boa would do the trick. 

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