Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Feather Moulin Rouge Costume

If you ask me there is not anything different from the Las Vegas show girl costume and the Moulin Rouge costume. That may just be because the Moulin Rouge is where it all started.

The Moulin Rouge is really the name of the cabaret where the whole show girl and Cancan dancing thing started.

Its also the term that has been keyed to describe the Paris night life at the turn of the 1900`s.

To put this costume together all you really need is to add a whole lot of bling to some nice lingerie.

You can do this really easy with feather boas, feather masks and feather hair pins.

Of course you can get even more over the top with huge feather head pieces.

For the guys coat tails, top hats and a gray feather boa will do just the trick.

Oh and don’t forget to go wild with the colors and add some rhinestones, lace and net to the costume.

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