Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015

Every year I have put up a post after Halloween about what some of the celebs have worn for Halloween costumes this year, but this year I decided to do one before to give our readers some food for thought before Halloween.

And I am sure that I will still do another one after to let you all know what happened this year.

Here is a picture of Paris Hilton in 2010 dressed as a native American at a Playboy party. Just note that this costume was deemed controversial.

Look at this super cute costume that Lucy Hale wore, she I dressed as the TWITTER bird.

It seems that supremodel Heidi Klum is a big fan of Halloween. She hosts parties every year.
Just take a look at this awesome feather costume she has on.
Damn she is HOT!

And last up I found this angel on the internet but I can’t find out who she is, can anyone tell me?

Happy Halloween to all of our readers.
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