Thursday, March 30, 2017

Georgiou Armani Prive – Nicole Kidman – Feather Fashion 2017

I have always liked a lot of orange in my clothing, I feel there is some thing positive about the color.

It would seem that this year Georgiou Armani felt that way about their spring summer fashion line. Nothing wrong with some good positive vibes in the fashion world.

Also orange is most definitely a great color for the summer time, if not for all the time.

Take a look at these great vibe feather designs from Armani that you can wear out at night, after you spent the day on the beach of course.

And what dos this have to do with Nicole Kidman you ask?

Well I am not 100% sure my self but she was there wearing one of their dresses also.

But here is a nice little article about what could have been better about her outfit.

All black, no summery orange in the one.

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