Saturday, April 8, 2017

Giambattista Valli Summer Feather Fashion 2017

Now I am pretty sure that I have already written about this super cool Italian designer.

But you all must take a look at some of his great outfits for this summer.

This first one just below is a feather skirt being modeled by the stunning Nadine Strittmatter. Some times I wonder what is catching my eye more, the clothing or the model.

The next three are also the same color pattern as this one above, but they all have their own twist.

It seems he is going strong on the simple white and gray combo for this summer.

This one below is the most basic of all four. A simple white dress with a gray feather trim.

This next one below, is much more elegant and sexy. I like the fish net style upper very much.

This last one below has top to bottom feather trim, beautiful.  

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