Thursday, March 30, 2017

Feather Bell Bottoms – The Next Big Fashion Craze

Don’t forget that you heard it here first.

The world went from bell bottoms, to baggy pants, and then to skinny jeans.

Soon, and I mean really soon we will see bell bottoms come back into fashion. The only question is what is going to be different about the bell bottoms this time.

The only feather trim bell bottoms that I was able to find in line was the picture you see below.

But how much cooler could they be?

Just imagine one of these two pairs of bell bottoms, just with real feather trim on the bottoms.

Do you see what am saying? No one is doing this yet and you can be the first.

Ok so now when you make your millions off this idea, just don’t forget where you heard it from first.

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