Saturday, January 13, 2018

Feathers And Black – 2018 Golden Globes

So this years Golden Globes event was shrouded in black. Not really in a bad way, or maybe yes in a bad  way.

All the stars wore black to the event, but that wasn’t the bad thing, the reason they all wore black                     was to make a statement against sexual harassment in the work place. Now that is always a bad thing.

Good for all the stars who united to make such a statement, and lets all hope that it goes further than just wearing a black outfit one night.

But back to our business, who was wearing feathers with their black?

I`ll start with Angelina Jolie, just because I think she is the most well known from our list here. This can very well be because I am not the most up to date on my Hollywood who is who. But I do think that I got this one right.

Heidi Klum will come in second on my list here, not for any reason in particular. 

Caitriona Bulfe

Penelope Cruze

Alexis Bledel will come in last on my list, and this time I have a reason. I don’t think that those leaves are made of feathers, but they really should be.

Those are the feather outfits that I saw from the event, I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

But for real we should all do our best in all was that we can to stop sexual harassment in the workplace, and anywhere else for that matter. Its just not right.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Feather Gift Ideas For Christmas

   Do you have all of your gifts in order?

You do! That’s awesome, good for you. Oh and if you don’t then this may be just the post for you.

Here are a bunch of feather gift ideas that can help you to fill the gaps in your shopping list.

I got them all from here:

The price tags on these things are a bit high, at least fo me, they are way out of my budget.

But the DIY option is something a lot more attainable for most of us. Most of these can be done without to much difficulty. Of course if you use some feather trim you can easily spruce up almost any garment.

This handbag above is a particularly easy one to put together, and I am sure you can do it for a lot less than the over a thousand dollars that they are asking over there.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you order your feathers soon so that we can get them to you before the holiday.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Feather Fashion Ideas

Christmas is coming and what are you going to wear?

Well of course that depends on where you are going to be. Now this post is really only relevant if you are going to be getting dressed up to go out.

If you are just going to be home hanging out in your pajamas, your not going to be looking to wear any of these dresses.

But hey maybe they could be just perfect for the company Christmas party.

They are a sure way to get more attention from the boss, if that’s what you are looking for.

I got all of these off one Web page, and here is the link.

But over the years I have written extensively about DIY feather fashion and it’s high time I made a one post compilation of it all just so everyone (including myself) can have a one stop quick reference.

So here is the link to that:

So if you are interested in saving, probably hundreds of dollars and creating your own awesome feather fashion, make sure to order your feathers soon so that we can get you what you need in time for the holidays.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Updated Christmas Feather Wreath

So I have written posts in the past about how to make a feather wreath.

Let me see if I can find you a link to that post, wait just a second…….

OK here it is:

But the truth is when I wrote this up a few years ago LED lights were not a big thing yet.

Today you can get great LED lights for just a few bucks.

And the way I see it, some nice battery powered LED lights are the perfect update for a Christmas feather wreath.

And of course I found you a picture off the Internet to give you an idea how this can be done, well I will give you a few ideas actually.

I didn’t look around to much but I bet you can find some that have a small solar panel and a sensor so that it charges during the day and only turns on at night.

Anyway have fun with the idea and we would love to see some pictures of the wreaths you make.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

DIY Feather Fashion Post Compilation

I have written so many posts about DIY feather fashion, and the time has come to create a one stop reference post, where you can find all of the links.

This way no one needs to go through all of the post on the blog to find what they are looking for.

Because that's what I am gonna do right now, for the last time.

So here goes.

Simple Easy And original Feather Head Piece

Feather Boas For The Christmas Tree

Adding some white feather boas to your Christmas tree can really give it that wintery look while you are nice and cozy next to the fire place.

Here are a bunch of pictures that can give you some good idea how it can be done.

You can go for the hard core Alaska tree look like the one above.  Do you get the idea, like real cold and completely covered in snow.

Or just the regular winter with snow look like this one.

And of course you can take the no tree just boa approach, like these guys. The big plus of this idea is that you don’t have to get a new tree every year.

If you think that’s just wrong, and the whole point of the tree is to have an actual tree in your home, well I would have to say that I agree with you.  But I am sure that there are people out there who don’t think that it’s so important.

Even more so, I bet there are people out there that are adamantly against cutting down live trees for Christmas and would like the idea of a reusable tree.

Whatever person you are, order your white feather boas today so we can get them to you in time for the holiday.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Don’t Buy Fake Peacock Feathers - When you can get them at good price

The feathers you see in craft stores definitely ARE real, and the birds DO molt them, which is painless and happens all the time. 
Here at we strive to bring you quality, real peacock feathers. 
Arrangements and designed items incorporate REAL peacock feathers rather than fake peacock feathers that some providers try to pass off as peacock feathers.
Peacocks Feathers Are only Gathered When They Molt

They lose their feathers naturally throughout the year.  Mostly completed in summer, the bird may lose as much as half of it’s total feathers to keep cool.

Consider Local Suppliers

While the peacock is native to southeast Asia, it’s worth considering purchasing feathers from US-based suppliers.  Not only is shipping quicker (and usually included!) but it provides a better level of accountability on the part of the business.  Property rights, business accountability, and faster delivery make purchasing from the US a better bargain when obtaining bulk peacock feathers.