Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Jungle Feather Fashion

Rumble In The Jungle

Get really down and tribal with these awesome feather pieces from

These feather and leather collars are from a company called Sea Dragon Studio.

The thing that I saw on their website that really got my attention was this crazy cool jump suite.

Me and my wife are planning on making a crazy anniversary party for ourselves this year and we were thinking about showing up in something like this.

Well I guess I mean these.

But what struck a chord with my deepest soul levels was the mention of Burning Man.

These two jumpsuits are called Burning Man outfits on the website website.

And that just created a storm of very deep emotions in my being because once again, it looks like I am not going to be making it this year, and I want to be there so badly.  

Monday, July 1, 2019

Amazing D.I.Y Feather Fashion Video`s From Creative Life TV

These videos really brought two thoughts to my mind.  

the first thing that I had thought when I first saw them was that I had for sure already written about them, just because they are so good how could it be that I have not seen and shared them already.

But then I saw that they have only been around for about a year, which is really incredible because you would think that youtube already had everything five years ago, but these girls go to show you how not true that is.

So if you were thinking about starting your own YouTube channel, but then said “Na it has all been done”, maybe you should reconsider.

Ok so back to the topic at hand, these awesome D.I.Y feather fashion videos.

By the way each one is also super short, under five minutes, so they are easy to watch.

The first two are on how to make gorgeous feather dresses using feather boas.

She is using black feather boas in the videos but you can add more color if you so choose.

This last one she shows how to use ostrich feathers to make these super cute feather slip-ons.

Great work and thanks creativelife_tv!
Friday, June 28, 2019

This Beauty Queen Won't Have A Feather Wedding Dress

To be honest, because that is what I strive for, I came across this video looking for something to do with beach and flowers.

But then it snowballed into this whole thought process of destination weddings and parents opinions. Which turned into this post about, well, why not.

I mean why wouldn't feathers on a wedding dress go good on the beach?

The picture above is even called a mermaid wedding dress, what's better for a beach wedding?

So maybe this beauty queen is just being stubborn because she doesn't want to do what her mom is suggesting.

I mean we have will been guilty of that at some point right. And I feel like when it comes to your wedding.

You know the whole now I am starting my own home so I want to do things the way I want. We all do that even when we might agree in another situation.

But could it be something else?

The other option in my mind would have to do with the sand, maybe getting sand in the feathers would be a big problem.

Those are the only reasons I can think of, otherwise why not?

Look at all these awesome dresses.

Oh right here kids that video, by the way I couldn't figure out who she is could you?

Monday, June 24, 2019

DIY Sparkling Feather Chandelier

I have a lot of good friends that can pull off a decoration like this in their home, but could never imagine being able to. Maybe it's because a have four boys or just the fact that we like the very minimalistic style, but something like this would never be able to fly in our house.

But on the other hand I really love and appreciate the people that are able to pull off such a wonderful corner like the one you see in the picture at the top.

And it's so simple looking that it really makes me want to give it a try.

It seems that all I would need are some our white ostrich plume feathers, the right shaped tree branch, some string a sparkles.           

The minute I start to give it some real thought I realize why it's not for me. There are a few things that I have decided in this world that are most definitely not for me, and one of those is art, I am just not an artist and I am really whole with that.  

But if you are an aspiring artist then you should definitely go for this one, here is the link where you can read all about how to put this thing together.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Did Marc Jacobs` Spring Runway Kickstart The 2019 Big Feather Trend?

Well the answer is a big feathered yes according to this article on

Although it may not be anything new to us that wearing feathers is one heck of a  way to get the spotlight at a party. It seems that the world still needs to get a blunt reminder from some famous designer every now and again.

besides for the feathers also the bigger size of things seems to be very much the in thing right now. Just take our recent post about Big Hoop Earrings for an example.

But let us get back to the Marc Jacobs` designs and whether or not they have something to do with the feather hype that we are seeing in the fashion world.

I would say that there is a good reasoning for the opinion of but it is just a case of feathers in the collective conscience.   

We saw the Feathers also in the MSGM Massimo Giorgetti designs and also in the Gucci outfits as well as a handful of other designers.

Of course this is just my opinion it could be that Marc Jacobs' spring runway was the “genesis of 2019's Big Feather Energy” like Glamour said.
Friday, May 24, 2019

How To Make Big Hoop Feather Earrings

After my last post The Feather Earring Trend - Summer 2019, I just had to write a do it yourself, big hoop feather earring post.

There are so many great tutorials out there, that I had to really choose well to find the one that would be best to share with you.

What is important to remember is that the big fad this summer are BIG hoop earrings. The tutorial that I am sharing with yo  shows smaller hoops but all you need to do is increase the leangth of the silver wire to have the right size for the summer of 2019.

Take a look at our wide variety of plumage feathers to find the right color, shape and size to match the style that you are looking for.

The picture at the top of the post is from a tutorial I found on, here is the link for that LINK4THAT.

I would suggest to be creative with the instructions, make the hoop bigger, you could leave the beads out, or even try an imperfect circle like Jacquemus in the picture below.

I would also suggest attaching the feather to the earring hook so that it would hang in the center of the hoop.

Let your imagination soar.
Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Feather Earring Trend - Summer 2019

Feather earrings are not something new but because they are so fit for summer we just can't help but talking about them once the weather starts to warm up.

This year's big fad are these huge hoop earrings, so of course you are going to find them with feathers September Aemilia Madden and Mecca James-Williams wrote in THE ZOE REPORT.

“You may already have a pair (or two, or three) of simple, sleek hoops in your earring collection, but try taking things a step further: Whether it be an angular take on the usual hoop (as seen at Dior and Area) or the imperfect circles at Jacquemus, hoops will be bolder than ever in 2019.”
Hoop earrings with peacock feather

Now we can see that they had made a very accurate prediction.

The picture at the top of this post is from write up on bearing the headline “Runway jewelry trends 2019:Embellished hoop earrings”.

So big hoop earrings are going to be big fashion this summer. That includes all the different styles. Those with lots of stones, with no stones and everything in between.

And of course not to forget the ones with the feathers.