Saturday, March 25, 2017

Alexander Mcqueen Feather Dresses 2017

Alexander Mcqeen was a British fashion designer who lived from 1969-2010.

Before he decided to take his own life by hanging himself he won the British designer of the year award four times, very unfortunate right?

Some times you look at some one and think that they got it all, but then they hang themselves. It seems he was taking a lot of drugs and was very unhappy, but still.

Anyway his company lives on, and this year his creative director showed off these stunning feather dresses.

I just need to point out how similar they are to the kind that Char wore back in the day.

I have written before my spiral theory, that everything goes in a circle, including fashion trends. The same things come back but always on a new level.

Wow I need to see if they have feather bellbottoms.

Here is the post we wrote about Cher.  

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