Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Simple DIY Feather Placemat

This is a great project you can do just for the sake of arts and crafts or if you are trying to put together an event with a feather theme.

What you will need

· Glossy colored poster board

· Real feathers

· Pencil

· Glue

· String

· Scissors

These are instructions on how to make a circular feather placemat.

· Decide how large you want to make the placemat. Use the string and pencil to draw a perfect circle. Tie the string to the pencil, put the pencil on one edge of the circle, hold the string in the center and draw the circle while keeping the pencil straight.

· Cut out the circle using the scissors

· Turn the circle upside down and attach the feathers with the glue. Have fun with this part. You can space and arrange the feather however you wish.

· Let it dry and you are all done.

If you want to make a square shaped placemat all you need to do is use a ruler and cut the poster board to the size that you want and follow the same instructions.

You can then also decide if you want to attach the feathers to all four sides or just two of them.

You can also buy feather trim to attach to the sides of your placemat.

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