Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hawaiian Feather Art Of The 18th Century

Historically man came to the Hawaiian Islands about two thousand years ago. Up until thearrival of Capitan James Cook in 1778 the materials that the native Hawaiians used in their art were few. These materials consisted of wood carvings, petroglyphs (rock engravings), bark cloth (which they call kapa in the Hawaiian Islands and tapa elsewhere in the pecific), tattoos and of course what is important to us feather art.

There are two great products that the native Hawaiians made out of feathers. One was capes made out of feathers and netting. And the second was the feather Lei which is the necklaces that you always see made out of flowers.

This feather cape is called a `Ahu`ula

This feather cape even though it looks the same is called by a different name. this feather cape is called a Ahuli`i.

This feather cape is made out of feathers from the Pueo bird which is actually a Hawaiian short-eared owl.

Here is a picture of a 18th century feather Lei.

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