Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How To Make A Feather Flower – Simple And Easy

Making artificial flowers out of feathers is an art. Some of the real pros are able to create feather flowers that look like real flowers. In this post are simple instruction for the laymen feather flower maker on how it`s done,

Thing You Will Need

1- Length or 20 gauge steel wire (as long as you would like the steam to be)

2- Spool of 32 gauge steel wire

3- Dyed turkey quills

4- Dyed plumage feathers

5- Double sided tape

6- Green tape

First decide how long you would like the stem of your flower to be and cut the 20 gauge wire to that length. Now wrap the top part of the wire with about one inch of double sided tape to help keep the feathers in place. Now use the quills to create the stamens of the flower. The stamens are the cente

r part of the flower where the pollen is created. Secure the stamens to the stem with the 32 gauge wire. Then attach a few layers of plumage around the stamens as petals and secure with more wire. Once you are happy with the way you flower looks you can use the green tape to cover all the wire and make the stem look real. That’s it, you are done!


Use an iron and steam to shape the feathers

Try different colors and sizes to create different flowers

Trim feathers with a scissors before and after you make the flower to acquire the shape you want

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