Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Golden Pheasant

Native to the rugged mountain regions of western china the golden pheasant has been bred in captivity since as early as 1740. Because of the rough terrain of their natural habitat little is known about their habits in the wild. The golden pheasant is similar to the peacock in a few ways. For one they are both birds that are more comfortable on the ground and not much the flying types. Also the male pheasant is very colorful like the male peacock. Shades of orange, blue, yellow, red, brown and green make the male golden pheasant a very beautiful bird. The female hen on the other hand is quit boring in comparison, just like the female peacock, with her brown plumage.

These birds eat small fruits, leaves and bugs. They spend most of their time on the ground but when nesting they fly into the trees.

The Golden Pheasant Tail feathers that we sell at, are perhaps the most interesting in our line. They have all the natural coloring and striping of the bird. They are used exclusively in hat trims and as extraordinary feathers headdresses for Carnival and Las Vegas type shows. Whether in Rio, Aruba, Las Vegas or just your home town hat show, these feathers are the most important.


Peacock feathers and peacock tails

Photo attribution - Ryan E. Poplin
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