Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feather Art Projects – Painting on Feathers

Painting on feathers is a form of southwestern art. Southwestern art is a combination of Mexican, Indian and Cow Boy cultures and art. Southwestern art was born in states like Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Today Southwestern art can be seen all across North America. It can always be recognized by it use of furs and feathers as well as its turquoise and pastel colors.

Painting on feathers can be a great art project to do with older children and adults. I would think that children under the age of 9 might have a hard time with it because when you paint on a feather you are not painting on something which is one solid piece but rather a densely packed group of feathers.

The best feathers to paint on are large pheasant feathers and large peacock feathers. You can decide to paint a taller portrait or a longer one, just decide which way you would like the feather to sit once it is framed. Feather portraits are usually painting of nature scenes and animals like eagles and buffalo but you can create anything that you like.

You start the paining using a paint marker to make the outline. Don't press hard on the feather just draw the outline of what you want to paint by softly drawing with the paint marker from the center of the feather out. Now when you want to draw in the opposite direction then the feather hairs, try to make the line by drawing small lines or really dots one on top of the other but drawing along the length of the hair.

Once you have your outline you can start to create you feather master piece. Use good quality acrylics and remember not to use to much paint. Also when using the paint remembers to paint along the length of the hairs so that you don't separate them.

And remember to have fun with it.

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