Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Quick History Of A Classic Beautiful Bird – The Las Vegas Showgirl

Although many people may think that the beautiful showgirls in their feathers and sparkly outfits are a big part of the Las Vegas entertainment life. The truth of the matter is that the Las Vegas show girl is a bird on the edge of extinction. This is what seems to be happening from a MSNBC articleFormer Vegas showgirls try to save the show”. The fact is you can find showgirl costumes in a museum with million year old dinosaur fossils.

But the truth on the strip, where every casino once had a flock of showgirls, is that there are only two shows left.

It seems that the whole business came over from Paris in the late 1950`s as a show called “Lido de Paris” by the producer Donn Arden. This show was one of the first topless shows on the strip and back then people weren’t so happy about it. But Arden pulled a smart move by inviting the chief of police (with his wife?) and the city council (all male?) for the opening show and guess what, they loved it. Also it brought lots of cash into the city by being a big attraction.

So it seems that from there was born the icon of the Las Vegas showgirl.

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