Sunday, August 14, 2011

How To Make Feather Earrings

Creating your own feather earrings is simple and fun. The best part is that you can choose the style and color of the feather that you want to use. All you will need is a pair of needle nose pliers, good scissors copper or steel wire and of course feathers. Oh and I almost forgot you are going to need to buy the earring hooks to attach the feathers to. Ok so what you need to do is trim the bottom end of the feather about two centimeters before the hairs of the feather, you can also just make the measurement by using the width of your finger. Now place the end of the wire right along the bottom end of the feather, bend the wire in the middle at the point where the feather hairs begin. Wrap the wire as tightly as possible around itself and the feather; use the needle nose pliers if that helps you make it tighter. Start the wrappings just before the bend in the wire and keep it close that you can’t see feather or wire underneath. Once you have gotten to the bottom end of feather and wire, snip the wire leaving enough wire for a nice size ring and another set of wrappings along the end of the feather. Thread the wire through the ring on the earring hook and make a nice size loop to allow for good freedom of motion for the feather. Then wrap the wire tightly over the first wrappings and then using the pliers press the wire end into the wrappings so you don’t get poked when wearing them. You can use the same process to attach feathers to earrings that you have. Here are some suggestions of feathers for your new look.

Peacock mini tails

Dyed peacock mini tails

Here is a link to a YouTube video showing the process explained above

Most important remember to have fun

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