Monday, August 15, 2011

Do It Your Self Feather Hair Extensions – Create Your Own Feather Hair Extensions At Home

Creating your own feather hair extensions is not at all as complicated as some people may think. All you need is the right tools and to know how to use them. What you are going to need is four things; silicon lined micro rings for hair extensions, hair extension hooking tool, clamping tool (could be any small or medium sized pliers) and of course hair extension feathers. Ok so the whole process is really simple, first thing place a micro ring on the shaft of the hair extension hooking tool. Now decide where you want to put the feather extension in your hair. Take a few strands of hair and twist them together so that they are all even and stuck together. Open the latch on the hair extension hooking tool so that it`s like an open scissor and place the twisted piece of hair in the angle of the hooking tool. Then pull the ring up the shaft of the tool, this will then close the latch which will hold the hair in place and allow you to pull it through the ring. Hold the ring in place using your thumb, index and middle fingers and put the bottom end of the feather inside of the ring. Using the clamping tool clamp the ring which will hold the feather in place. Congratulation you have put in your own feather hair extension.

The rings are available in different colors to match your hair. Also different color feathers can be used to match your hair color. For example red furnace feather hair extensions go well with black hair while natural white hair extensions would look best in blond hair, but really you can do whatever looks best on you.

Enjoy your new look!
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