Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feather Fashion

Feathers are a great addition to any outfit you have. No matter what your style you can find a feathered product to make you look unique. Feathered apparel is mostly a female thing but it can work well for men as well, at least in some scenarios.

Let’s first see how feathered apparel could work for all different styles for the ladies. We could start with the obvious feathered coats, jackets and shawls. These can be used to make any elegant outfit to be fancier and different. Also you can add a simpler feathered boa to add elegance to a formal outfit. Classy women who are going out in warm weather and want to add some feathered accessory can bring a feathered fan along with them.

If you or your lady are one of these more dress up type’s brose through our selections of BOAS, FANCY APPAREL and FANS to make feather fashion work for you.

Now for those girls that are more into the dress down kind of look, be it hipster or punk rocker feathered hair extensions are the way to go to add the punk or hip to what you are wearing.

So if you or your girl are more into the dress down look then brows through our selection of feathered HAIR EXTENSIONS.

So what about the guys? Well the classic move of putting a feather in the hat is one that everyone is familiar but is still a bit different when worn out. But what about a small colored flower in the breast pocket or a suite jacket? One that matches the color of your tie or shirt. I wouldn’t advise any guys to use feathered hair extensions but if you’re looking for the Native American Indian look then that could work.

Whatever your gender or style take a look and see if there is anything at to add some feather fashion to your life.

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