Monday, August 22, 2011

Create Your Own Feather Headband – Very Easy

Making your own feather headband is one of the simplest DIY projects that there are. You can make your own feather headband within minutes and I mean that. All you need is to purchase the feather pads in the style that you would like to use for you headband and any plain plastic or metal headbands from crafts shops. If you are interested in making feather headband to sell then you can buy feather pads wholesale online and also buy the headbands wholesale online. All you need to do is put a line of hot glue using a hot glue gun along the center of the feather pad from top to bottom. Then attach the feather pad to the head band and hold it there for a few moments for the glue to dry a bit. That’s it; if you want you can also buy feathers and glue them to any felt material to create your own feather pads. Watch the video at the bottom to see how it’s done and remember you can purchase any feathers you need at

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  2. Did you know it's a piece of cake to make earrings out of feather pads as well? There's a great feather earring tutorials site that shows exactly how!

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