Monday, October 8, 2018

The New Halloween Feather Wreath

The New Halloween Feather Wreath

So we have written about making your own feather wreath for Halloween in the past but this year I had this great idea for a new and improved model.

The wreath that I have in mind would have this cool skull sitting on a shelf in its center.

What is cool and different and spooky about it is that it has a sensor that will turn it on to make scary sounds when some one comes to knock on your door.

My idea is simple yet it would involve a bit of wood working.

Well first you would have to order this guy from Amazon here is the link.

Then a few feather boas of what ever dark colors you decide.

Now comes the carpentry.

Cut a circle out of  a piece of ply wood. Make sure that you have enough room at the center for a small shelf to put the scull on.

And then glue the boas around the edge of the plywood circle.

And then decorate accordingly.

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