Sunday, October 7, 2018

DIY Feather Lingerie

There are a lot of reasons why this post is supper relevant right now.

First off there is the Victoria Secret fashion show that is coming up soon. I have not seen a final date set, but we do know that it is going to be in New York.

Because we are also based out of New York it is right in place for us to be going wit that flow of feather decked out lingerie.

Also I just recently posted about dressing up in a Moulin Rouge costume for Halloween and this falls right into place with that.

Oh right did I mention that its about to be Halloween?

So here are a couple youtube videos giving you step by step instructions exactly how to put one of these sexy pieces together.

This first video is pretty simple on how to make a feather bra with feather boas.

BritxBrat2Fashion is a professional designer so you know that she tells you how to do it right.

Next is this video by ShadeoftheUniverse “DIY Feather Trim Baby Doll Lingerie Dress”

This last video by BqueenBoutique is a bit longer, but that is because this feather robe that she shows you how to make is a much bigger project than the other two.

Now you are ready to do your own Victoria Secret style fashion show for Halloween.

Isn’t that a great idea?

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