Friday, September 14, 2018

Who Are These Australian Feathered Angels?

Well really they are just two of the stunning Victoria Secret angels that are going to have the whole world staring at them during the 2018 Victoria Secret fashion show.  

The crazy thing is we don't even know when or where yet.

But what we do know as of now is WHO!

So I am not going to go through the whole list of models, or at least not in just one post, maybe I will feed it to you slowly so that you can savor every one of these beauties.

But I am going to be starting with the Australians, because for some reason I have always had something for Australian women.

Kelly Gaie and Shanina Shalk are not new on the show. I guess that's the reason that I am able to find pictures of them decked out in feathers.

Duckie Thot and Alannah Walton will be showing up for their first time so I could not find them in anything feathery.

So who else are we going to see there?

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