Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lily Aldridge In Feathers

So this is really just me continuing with my current obsession with VS models.

The really cool thing about Lily Aldridge is that she wont be participating in the Victoria Secret show this year because she is pregnant.

I know this shouldn't really surprise me so much, I mean these models are not really angels, that's just what they are called for the show. Still they are put on such a high pedestal that I find it beautiful to see that they are really just people like the rest of us.

What I loved best about this story was how she publicized her pregnancy with this selfy of herself on Instagram.
She doesn't look pregnant to me!

Do all of the VS angels start off as swim-suit models?

I guess it would make sense right? Modeling lingerie and bikinis is pretty much the same thing.

But I was really happy to find some great pictures of Lily sporting feathers in regular clothing.

These feather trimmed jeans are super cool.

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