Friday, July 20, 2018

Feathers And Seashells

The summer is in full swing and I don’t know about you but me and my family are crazy about the beach.

It is just the thing that we do most in the summer.

Obviously when you think about seashells you think about the beach, so for me when I think about or see seashells I think about the summer.

Anything that has seashells in it is summer fashion to me.

Here are a bunch of really cool feather and seashell fashion ideas for you all to play with in the sand at the beach.

I feel like anklets were much more in style in the 90s then they are today, but still in the summer time when you are always either barefoot or wearing sandals, they are supper cool.

Take a look at this seashell and feather choker. Now this thing doesn’t just make you think summer, it makes you think Hawaii.

Feather and seashell dream catcher, keeps the cold winter nightmares away.

Writing this post gave me total inspiration to make a feather and seashell keychain for my new car.

What do you think about it.

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